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Italian Hand Made

Extreme Audio is an Italian company that produces components for the reproduction of music state of the art.

Our company manufacture and distribute the loudspeakers Sigma Acoustics, the cables White Gold Electronics, the turntable Tourbillon, manufacture and distribute for Europe the loudspeakers B2, distribute for Italy amplifier KR Audio Electronics and the loudspeakers Leonardo full range ribbon speakers.

It began as small artisan company manufacturing of unique items and exclusive where passion for technology and love for music has brought the three founding members to search for the emotions of our senses in the reproduce “music”, “our music”, our moments of music.
To be caught by pleasant sensations auditive, tactile and visual as savor a new ragrance or taste new flavors or to be fascinated by new forms of beauty or art …. This is the Hi-End for Extreme Audio.It ‘the experience of pleasure, the emotions of our senses to be living in a new “sound design” in every product Extreme Audio.


The use of drivers and components that “are” the best technology of today and yesterday, that are “contemporary history” Tw Heil …. …. Zellaton …. Accuton …. Litz wire allows us to create products of absolute excellence sound, engaging, and fascinating to any room by music.
Each model Sigma Acoustics are designed to communicate a ‘emotions listening to music.

It is handcrafted with passion, thoroughly tested and has a precise style sound.

The speaker cabinets are manufactured from the best Venetian cabinetmakers, hand painted, as unique pieces and tested individually. Each wire White Gold is designed and developed to be not only an connection between the electronic equipment but protagonist a ‘emotions through harmonic structures, definition and tonal beauty.
The constancy in the pursuit of with passion new targets brought Extreme Audio to be a really important, known and to be distributed in Italy and abroad in major countries, Hong Kong, United States, Turkey, Spain, France, Romania, with presences and important awards in major international fairs and magazines in the sector.

  • Aldo Zaninello

    Founder e Managing Director

    Fondatore e progettista, è diventato negli anni un punto di riferimento nel campo Hi-End tra i suoi clienti / amici compaiono nomi importanti della musica Italiana.

  • Lucio Zambon

    Support Guru

    Anima tecnica dei progetti diffusori, da 30 anni presente nella vita di Extreme Audio.

  • Alberto Battaglioli

    Sales Manager

    Oltre la gestione commerciale in Italia e All’estero è un ottimo esperto e grande appassionato di musica.

  • Franco Fanucchi

    Partner - Specialist

    l boss dei cavi…

    Partner  di Extreme Audio fin dalla nascita e progettista dei cavi White Gold.   Il suo è vero amore per la “musica”…
    Esperienza trentennale professionalità, cuore  e passione per il proprio lavoro e per la ricerca, genialità …manualità ed artigianalità.
    Il suo obbiettivo  … “saper creare” il conduttore per le interconnessioni tra elettroniche e diffusori hi-end. Definito un genio delle interconnessioni siano esse digitali, analogiche di potenza , o di alimentazione..

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