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Extreme Audio

Who we are

Extreme Audio is an Italian company that produces components for music playback state of the art. Our company manufactures and distributes Sigma Acoustics speakers, the cabling White Gold Electronics, Tourbillon turntable, manufactures and distributes to Europe ‘s speakers B2, distributes to the’ Italian amplifiers KR Audio Electronics

Who we are

Extreme Audio was founded as a small artisan production of unique and exclusive objects where passion for technology and a love for music brought the three founding members to seek the excitement of our senses in the play “music”, the “our music, “our” sound moments ”

Our products

The use of drivers and components “are” the best of the technology of today and yesterday, that they are “contemporary history” …. Tw Heil …. Zellaton …. Accuton …. Litz wires allows us to create products of excellence sound, engaging, and fascinating music for each environment.

About Us

The constancy in the pursuit of new targets with passion led Extreme Audio to be an important reality, recognized and to be distributed in Italy and abroad in major countries, Hong Kong, United States, Turkey, Spain, France, Romania, with attendance and major awards in major international exhibitions and magazines in the industry.


  • eugenio“A composition of notes and pauses... that change our moments, our emotions, our moods ”  in our tightly personal
    Eugenio Finardi (musician and composer)
  • leonora_armellini
    Leonora Armellini (pianist and composer)
  • dori-ghezzi
    Dori Ghezzi (musician and manager)