Novità 2022 M11 e Ouverture 20th Anniversario


Technical data M 11

Speaker type : 3 ways bass-reflex.
Drivers : AMT HEIL Tweeter with vertical dispersion adjustable
Double woofer in carbon fiber
Sensitivity: 91 db.
Impedance : 6 ohm
Max power : 200 watt.
Power amplifier : from 20 watt to 200 watt.
Frequency responce: 32-30000 Hz +-3 db
Crossover: 6db/ottava first order
Measure: cm. 45x24xh130 base included
Net weight : Kg 41 each



Ouverture 20th Anniversario

Technical data Ouverture 20 th anniversary

Speaker type: 2 way bass-reflex
With Tweeter Heil AMT Capton – Midwoofer new generation special for this project with increase performance in extension of 2 Hz – Selected components crossovers parts ( Mundorf Caps ) and special painting finishing
Sensitivity: 88,5 db
Impedance: 8 ohms
Max power: 130 watts.
Amplification power: from 20 watts to 130 watts.
Frequency response: 34-30000 Hz + – 3 db
Crossover: 6db/ottava first order



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